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Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste Disposal

XMED Disposal, Inc. is the premier provider of medical waste disposal services in the southeastern United States. XMED offers bulk medical waste transport services to area hospitals and other large health care facilities. We serve multiple route customers with collection and disposal services on selected routes throughout Alabama and Southern Tennessee.  Additionally, we provide hazardous waste removal, transport and disposal services to a variety of healthcare, commercial and industrial clients. We adhere to strict environmentally responsible business practices, provide excellent customer service to all of our customers and are easy to reach and do business with.

Our nationwide XMED Mail System for disposal of sharps and used health care materials is one of the best shipping-return systems in the health care marketplace. It is the best value in the industry offering fully compliant disposal services for these materials with an accurate destruction manifest and full return shipping included in one affordable fee. It is less expensive, quick and easy to use, and requires no active monitoring if you use our automated replacement process. XMED keeps you and your staff in full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations governing the shipping of used health care materials. XMED Mail System is now offering large volume containers to serve large clinics, long term care facilities and hospitals.  The packages have all been redesigned and are branded as the Med Pro with the size included in the name.  The two new large sizes, the Med Pro 30 and the Med Pro 10, offer our customers improved volume and weight maximums while holding down disposal costs.   

We also feature the XMED National Return System, a pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP) waste segregation, collection, return and disposal system that will help customers accumulate, ship and dispose of unneeded and unused non-hazardous pharmaceutical and personal care products.  These non-hazardous but environmentally damaging substances should be separated from medical waste and hazardous materials and disposed of properly. 

XMED disposes of hazardous materials generated by hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, and pharmacies as well as many other types of industrial and commercial companies.  These materials require special packaging, handling and transportation as well as compliant disposal.  XMED is fully licensed and qualified to collect and remove hazardous substances and transport them from your facility to the appropriate disposal site.  XMED contracts to assess, remediate and rehabilitate most hazardous or contaminated industrial, commercial, and residential locations.  

XMED's Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Waste Division will customize services to meet your pharmaceutical or hazardous waste disposal needs. We develop managed solutions for the collection, transport, disposal and environmental rehabilitation related to biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste as well as most hazardous materials.

XMED recycles Universal Waste for large volume generators, route services customers and mail back customers.  Universal Waste is hazardous waste that is widely generated and U.S. EPA regulations allow streamlined management for collection and proper recycling.  Universal waste includes batteries, bulbs (lamps), pesticides, and mercury-containing equipment.  Universal Waste regulations can be modified and may vary by state.  The regulations are designed to discourage disposal in landfills or by incineration and to promote responsible recycling.

All XMED Disposal services are configured to provide the best benefit to our customers and to the environment. We adhere to the responsible business practices for the collection and disposal of medical waste, hazardous waste and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste generated by health care, medical facilities and other businesses.

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